Looking tradition in the State `Eid Thousand Fortress`

When speaking of course every place has an Eid tradition respectively, before the start of the feast to welcome takbiran night until the end of Eid prayers.

As with the tradition of idul fitri in Indonesia with Morocco, for three consecutive Eid in Morocco many differences that can be found. But there are also some tradition that is similar to the tradition in Indonesia.

The tradition of homecoming

In celebrating Eid, Morocco also have the tradition of homecoming as was done by the people could be going home Indonesia.Tradisi disclosure moment of victory and joy after a month of fasting. This is the moment to concentrate or contemplate returning to his own identity, reflection, and introspection over the past experiences that led wisdoms within the self.

Homecoming event which every year becomes (mobilization) of this incredible routine we sometimes troublesome to get a ticket out of town, so if we want to go out of town, a week previously had already booked tickets in advance. Usually the main destination for the citizens of Indonesia Indonesian students in Morocco, especially when Eid arrives in the city is Rabat. Precisely at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (Embassy) Rabat.

Hunting for a new outfit

Eid intimately linked with new clothes. Starting H-7 we see clothing stores crowded with visitors. They jostle to pick and choose the clothes they want to buy in order to enliven the tradition of “New clothes on Eid day”. They compete to “renew” their appearance during Lebaran. Although still much to be improved in addition to our view, the quality of life and our worship as a faithful servant of God.

This kind of tradition that we usually encounter in ground water was not much different with Morocco. Moroccan society, especially the womenfolk willing to jostle in the heat of the sun until about sunset. Almost in all the markets in the city center is always filled hunters new clothes. Usually men buy traditional Moroccan clothing called djellaba (long robes accompanied
head cover) complete with traditional sandals. For the women usually buy Takchita or Kaftan and also a typical traditional Moroccan slippers are very pretty to wear on the day the highway.

night takbiran

When the sun sets at the end of Ramadan, the sound echoes-takbir of funnel funnel directly mosque greeted with tunable and formations. Takbir increasingly echoing sound accompaniment when a motorcycle and a car on the highway while berarakan Takbir echoed in unison. Not only that, the eruption also colored fireworks festivities on the day’s victory.

Another case in Morocco which is known as the land of a thousand fortress. Susana takbiran night in Morocco like a ghost town, no sound Takbir echoed from various corners of the city, either in the mosque or prayer room. There was no term Takbir circumference and fireworks. When out of the house also looks deserted streets and passing vehicles running normally as usual.

Accustomed to the boisterous and bustling atmosphere when night takbiran arrived, it certainly makes the heart grow curious, why the Moroccans are not so keen to celebrate his victory. My curiosity was finally answered, it was called the Moroccan Eid feast ashor as a (small) and Eid al-Adha as a feast kabir (great).

So naturally Moroccan people prefer to celebrate the feast of the sacrificial feast of Eid. Not only that, they also assume a shame if it did not carry out the sacrificial. You can be sure when it arrived all the sacrificial feast of Moroccan society has prepared the sacrificial animals.


Just like new clothes, Eid is also synonymous with diamond or often called Kupat. Javanese people Kupat interpreting the term “admit fast a” or admits fault. Typically, rice cake served with sambal fried chicken and opportunistic. It also turns out there are philosophical meaning, opportunistic chicken using coconut milk as one of the ingredients. Coconut milk, coconut milk in a language called Java that have hooked up with “pangapunten” aka apologize. Because nearby Kupat with coconut milk, there are rhymes that are often used in the words of greeting Eid: Manganese Kupat nganggo Santen / menawi fast a, nyuwun pangapunten (Eat rhombus use coconut milk / if there are mistakes please forgive).

While in Morocco has special dish during Eid arrives, the chicken pie. This chicken dish is a savory and slightly sour taste. Given a crunchy almond topping is also flavored with lemon juice. Tasty, crunchy and savory-sour! To mark the end of the fasting month is generally performed various preparations, such as making halawiyat (candied) or cookies and preparing delectable dishes and sumptuous. This tradition Moroccan citizens before Eid, the women are usually busy in the kitchen to feed pastries. But some are choosing to buy a cake so at the nearest store.

Furthermore, the food served on the table when Eid day arrives. Before eating it first Moroccans eat ‘Dajaj Muhamar’ ie grilled chicken served in a large plate and eaten together lainnya.Setelah family members, it is usually the whole family to enjoy a typical Moroccan tea called ‘Atai’. Tea was served in a beautiful design and unique teapots called ‘Barad’.

In the pouring Atai Airport has its own rules. Usually after being poured into a glass, ‘Atai’ were again k edalam teapot and poured again up to three times. Morocco said resident therein lies the pleasure of real taste Atai. Because if not through the process, for they are less than perfect. To accompany the drinks Atai, there is usually a complementary foods given the name ‘Zamita’.

For those citizens who celebrate Eid in the land of a thousand forts do not expect to find a restaurant that sells food typical of the archipelago. Never mind the cooking menu, to get the ingredients just no market or a specific place that sells seasoning Indonesian cuisine. The only way to get the menu Eid by visiting the Indonesian Embassy in Rabat homestead ambassador to implement Eid prayer is held each year on the lawn of the house. This is where all kinds of food can be found and enjoyed archipelago, starting from opportunistic chicken, rice cake, rice cake, soto Madura, and others.

Idul Fitri at Wisma Duta Indonesia also an event met with all Indonesian citizens from all over Morocco. Meet with people who are in the same boat and arms, making sense of sad and miserable when it’s gone.

In this day of Eid, I wish you a Happy Eid, 1 Syawal 1434 H. Minal Aidin Wal Faizin Sorry Birth and Inner. (Kusnadi El-Ghezwa/Mar)

Kusnadi El-Ghezwa is a citizen journalist and student of Imam University Nafie, Coordinator of Media Information Coordinator PPI Morocco and the Standing Committee.

The launch of Amazon’s Fire Him Video Phone

The launch of Amazon’s Fire Him Video Phone

Amazon Fire Phone, phones made in 4 years is finally officially announced. It is the first phone that uses four infrared cameras for 3D experiences across the interface in the wallpaper, menu and even apps and games.(Read : harga blackberry gemini white )

Different from the launch event guided by the Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is not broadcast live. But now Amazon Fire Phone announcement video that is already available.

You can relive the opening moments Fire Phone, and saw all the demos on stage to get an understanding of this device better. You can also see the presentation of Jeff Bezos in a way that is calm, even appearances from AT & T CEO Ralph de la Vega at the end of the event.

(Read : harga blackberry gemini 9300 )

Phone bookings have opened the Amazon Fire on the Amazon and AT & T, but the release date is still about a month away, the Fire is expected to be available July 25 Phone. (*)

Source: Amazon

Dangerous virus ’ BlackShades ’ Attack Hundreds of State

Dangerous virus ’ BlackShades ’ Attack Hundreds of State

Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) , the U.S. investigative agency ( U.S. ) detected more than 100 countries in the world infected with a dangerous virus that attacks the advanced software on the computer . Cyber ​​crime cyber criminals who carried out the work in a way to take over computers and hijack existing camera on the computer .

Disebut’BlackShader malicious malware that spread by five people who are now being conducted by the FBI’s criminal lawsuit , which opened in Manhattan federal court on Monday .

As quoted by VOA , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) , not just the FBI , police all over the world also said they recently have arrested 97 people in 16 countries are suspected of using or distributing malicious software called ” BlackShades ” .
The FBI said at least seven thousand ” Blackshades Remote Access Tool ” has been sold since 2010 . Feds add one program makers are now cooperating with the government and provide extensive information about the program .

( Read: cetakan aluminium )
" BlackShades " allow hackers to steal personal information , intercept and hijack an important message on a computer camera or webcam to secretly use their behalf .


JK: If Elected, We Ready advised

Candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla said he was ready to accept criticism and suggestions from the public if selected as the winner of the upcoming presidential election .

JK believes that criticism and suggestions needed to build a better Indonesia . ” We are ready to be criticized , ready advised , ” JK said when delivering political speeches in the Second National Meeting Nasdem Party at Hotel Mercure Ancol , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

JK said , to run a strong government , a strong economy is needed . Instead , in order to foster a strong economy , also needed a strong government .

( Read: katuranggan murai batu )

" To that end , the two must go hand in hand . And when we were elected , we are ready to run a strong government , " he said .

JK added that he experienced in leading the government . Similarly, Joko Widodo , who became the presidential candidate in the presidential election didampinginya July 9.

" We ‘re both not likely to produce great achievements without the great support of the power of the community , " he said .


Thailand Calls for Peace artist of Borobudur

Turmoil in Thailand , does not make citizens stop learning and work up even abroad. As was done by 14 artists from the country ‘s white elephant that took time to learn about the art of Borobudur , Magelang regency , Central Java .

They were joined by dozens of artists from Borobudur Indonesian Community Artists ( KSBI ) create various works of art such as paintings , in Limanjawi Art House , Hamlet tingal Kulon , District of Borobudur , Magelang District on Friday .

( Read: produksi sangkar ukir terbaru )

Although different flow , there ekspresionalisme , dadalisme and others , but all of them have one painting the theme of peace . Watanot Tongateja , one of Thailand ‘s artists , said he was happy to learn about the art of the Borobudur Temple .

His visit to Borobudur is one of a series of workshops in preparation heralds Culture , Yogyakarta . “We’re glad to be here ( Magelang ) . Peaceful , the people are very friendly and open to us . Moreover, we were invited to Borobudur and met with artists around , “said Watanot .

In addition to studying art , Watanot said , he and his friends can simultaneously exchange experiences and worship at the largest Buddhist temple in the world . Umar Khusaeni , KSBI artist said he was happy and did not expect to have a visit of Thailand ‘s artists .

He also claimed open to anyone who wants to learn and exchange experiences about the arts and culture at Borobudur . ” We are pleased to have this visit . We can learn and exchange experiences with them . We also can paint together , “said Umar , who is also the owner of Limanjawi Art House Borobudur .

Umar said that the paintings were made ​​by artists of Thailand and KSBI collaboration with the theme of peace . Given the current , Thousand Pagoda country that is experiencing a political crisis that led to a military coup by the local government .

" We hope our work inspires leaders to immediately reconcile the Thai state , " said Umar .


KJP Not Liquid, Pun Parents Owe to the moneylender

Thes disbursement of social assistance ( social assistance ) and grants for Jakarta Smart Card makes a number of parents in Jakarta had owed to moneylenders at 30 percent interest .

Nur Hasanah ( 28 ) , a resident Joka , North Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) , said he was forced to borrow money from loan sharks to $ 5 million to meet the needs of school and family life .

( Read: ratu kroto )

Nur claimed he was forced to borrow money aside for disbursement of funds has not KJP , wages received by her husband , Jaya Surpriatna ( 32 ) as a non-permanent employees ( PHL ) in Jakarta Cleanliness Department also has not been liquid since four months ago . Therefore, to cover the needs of the family he was eventually owed ​​to loan sharks .

Nur said that much money he used to buy uniforms son , Arya Wijaya Kusuma ( 7 ) and Hatun Kodariah ( 10 ) , his son who is now attending school at SDN 20 North Tugu evening . Nur recollection , KJP funds liquid two children last November.

Every time KJP liquid funds , one child will receive $ 1,080,000 and awarded each quarter . But now Nur claimed dizzy with thes KJP disbursement .

" I’m confused , yet dibaya husband wage plus child KJP funds are also not liquid . Forced me to owe the same loan sharks , " said village resident Shelf Teens , Tugu Village North , Joja subdistrict , North Jakarta told City News .

It experienced similar Juliana ( 35 ) , a resident of Kampung other shoals . Juliana also admitted to loan sharks to borrow his school purposes to $ 500,000 . According to Juliana , the money that he used for school needs her two children , namely Anwar Soni ( 12 ) , fifth grade students of SDN 13 Morning North Tugu and Adnan Adrian ( 9 ) , third grade students of SDN 20 North Tugu evening .

" I owe to the loan shark to Rp 500,000 to Rp 25,000 installment per day for 26 days , " he told City News .


Separately , some recipients KJP parents anxiously awaiting the disbursement of funds . Contacted City News , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) , nurhayati ( 39 ) hope all KJP funds immediately so as not to think again of liquid children’s school fees .

Nurhayati daughter , Praise Rahmawati is student of class XI of SMAN 79 Jakarta and become the recipient KJP . According to Nur , his son has received funding KJP since June 2013 . Praise has three times received the KJP funds in his bank account .

The first disbursement of Rp 720,000 , while the second disbursement of Rp 1,400,000 ( accumulated during 6 months KJP ) . Mother of four children had not received the funds KJP since 6 months ago . He was disappointed because every month check , the balance in his account does not change .

Residents of Kampung Melayu Small , District Tebet , South Jakarta , is highly expected soon KJP liquid funds because he and his family really need it.

" I am very grateful there KJP , transport for children , buy books , school bags , and shoes from the KJP money . Bit disappointed also been six months yet still liquid , " he said sadly .

In line with Nur , Ade ( 41 ) , the parent Anisa Dwi Rahayu , third grade students of SMK 3 Jakarta say the same thing . “Yes Ma’am , not down ( liquid ) funds KJP her again . Really bad I want to ask , if the right school is not no matter . At first go to school , then thawed Capital City Bank ATM , ” he said .

Likewise with Hamimah ( 42 ) , who contacted City News . Mother of two said her home was always flooded making school uniforms and submerged his lesson . At that time KJP not liquid funds so that he had to spend more to buy their school needs .

The incident in February . Mother of Awalludin Latif admits are expecting funds soon KJP liquid ..

Commission agrees

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to allow the city government to release funds social assistance ( social assistance ) and grants for Jakarta Smart Card ( KJP ) .

KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the disbursement was made because these funds are not politically charged .

"The Commission does not prohibit the disbursement of social assistance funds and grants . If the funds are used for the proper thing , yes it’s okay , " said Johan , in a text message to reporters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

Meanwhile , Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun said to go in the second quarter , yet KJP liquid funds to the learners . Redeemed , he said , waiting for a deal , from related parties that the funds actually disbursed to eligible students and not politically charged .

Supposedly , the distribution is done quarterly. In the 2014 budget , the budget for KJP , worth Rp 832 billion with the number of participants 619 000 learners . The amount of funds KJP is Rp 240,000 to the level of SMA / SMK / MA , Rp 210,000 for SMP / MTs , and Rp 180,000 for SD / MI per month .


Jokowi Wonder Why Government Close Ear …

Governor of Jakarta at the same time presidential candidate Joko Widodo wonder why the central government seemed to shut his ears to the cries of society will be the area of economic inequality in Indonesia .

" There are two possibilities , but closed ears tau , or tau ndak indeed . Ndak I know it , " said Jokowi after the National Coordination Meeting of Regional Inflation Control Team V ( TPID ) in 2014 at the Grand Sahid Hotel , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

( read: kenari yorkshire bandung )

Jokowi admitted knowing that the price of the goods in the area and the other one is very different. In fact there should be no difference in price so as not to burden the people .

Jokowi said , the item price disparity occurs because of poor distribution process , started many illegal levies on the road , less efficient shipment of goods by ship because a small , poor infrastructure and distribution .

On this basis , he suggested the idea of ​​the central government to build a deep sea port or sea port , where the cargo ship loaded with great reliance .

" There are big ships pacing in Indonesia . So what , the same price in each island . ‘s Concerns also a sense of justice , " said Jokowi .


CT Call Next Week Freeport and Newmont

One issue that never was completed during the coordination Hatta Rajasa is subject to renegotiate the contract work . Hence , to accelerate the holders of certainty KK , Chairul Tanjung ( CT ) , plans to call two large mining companies discuss renegotiation constraints .

" There is my desire to invite Freeport and Newmont to present their problems before the other ministers next week , " said Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, the newly appointed SBY on Monday night ( 05/19/2014 ) .

( Read: ciri burung pentet jantan )

CT seems to want to take advantage of a narrow time , about five months , to complete the homework that is urgent and can not be postponed , including the matter of renegotiation .

After taken the oath of office on Monday morning , two coordination meetings held marathon until 21.00 pm . It appears the last minister who came and coordinate with CT last night was M Lutfi , Minister of Trade .

CT told reporters last night after meeting Lutfi , said , plans to summon two giant mining companies is that their problems can be known by the public in a transparent manner .

Likewise, the existing problems in the relevant ministries to renegotiate the contract works , one of which the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources . While it is asked , can renegotiate KK finished in 5 months , CT said simply . ” That allows me to I will finish finish . I do not like the delay - delay problem , ” he said .

"I have said to the minister , I would be in front of the locomotive to pull this wagon so much faster way , " he added .

Just so you know , PT Freeport Indonesia before , around mid- March 2014 and sent a letter to the Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa as Economic Affairs then concerning renegotiation . One of the points presented is a matter of the disposal of shares ( divestiture ) by 20 percent .

Meanwhile , according to statutory provisions , the only mining company to mine without processing , divestiture is required by 51 percent . Asked about the possibility of approval of the Freeport divestment ,

CT says he will listen terkebih first presentation of the two mining companies which will be presented next week . Because , so far he’s only read , hear , from the media .

" When ( they ) presentation , all the minister can ask and later the decision was made ​​ministers . After that the agreement would I take it to the President for Presidential decide later what was discussed , " he said .


Alphard “wandering” to lobby Juanda, Mother Toddler Reportedly Broken Bones

Toyota Alphard black wandering into the lobby of Terminal 2 ( T2 ) Juanda International Airport Surabaya , on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , is not only killing a three-year -old toddler ( Read : ” wandering ” to lobby Juanda Airport , Alphard Hit toddler to Death ) . Car number plate S 1771 NG was also crashing the toddler ‘s mother and the people around him .

( Read: kacer mbagong )

" The mother was reportedly broken bones , while some of the people around him also suffered injuries , " said Imam , one of the witnesses , the security officer of PT Angkasa Pura I Juanda .

Not only that , the belongings of visitors Terminal 2 also was hit by the car . As quoted from Surya , the new car to stop when it penetrates the glass door of the airport .

Meanwhile , Imam also said that the incident happened at around 09.00 am it happened so fast .

"The incident happened so quickly , the victim was rushed toddler Hospital Lanudal Juanda , " he said .

Until now , the car was still in the lobby of Terminal 2 Juanda , right in front of the arrival gate . Some members of the police Traffic Unit Sidoarjo Police still looks as if the crime scene (TKP ) .

Although it has been fitted with a line of police , the scene is flooded with passengers and airport employees who want to see first hand the death car .


Bomb Happening in Cairo , Kills One Driver

Cairo - Again , a bomb blast occurred again in Cairo , Egypt . This time the explosion killed a driver when a car being hit by a blast dikemudikannya .

The motive behind the blast is not known for sure . Egypt ‘s Interior Ministry said that the explosion occurred just hours after two other blasts that occurred separately killed an Egyptian soldier and a police officer .

Similarly, as reported by AFP on Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

( Read: jenis penyakit burung )

Since the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi Egypt ‘s president in July 2013 and then , the local militants deliberately increase their attacks against Egyptian security forces and the government-owned facilities .

Still in the same day , Friday ( 2/5 ) , a number of other explosions hit several parts of Egypt . The explosion occurred near a court in the district of Heliopolis , Cairo , on Friday ( 2/5 ) morning killing one policeman and wounding four other policemen .

Before the explosion, another explosion incidents had occurred in Al -Tur , South Sinai Province . Two suicide bombers targeting a security post and a bus passing by .

The first suicide bomber killed an Egyptian soldier and wounding six other policemen . While the second suicide bomber wounded five civilians .

Not only that , two other people were reported killed in clashes between supporters of Morsi other civilians near Alexandria , was on Friday ( 2/5 ) yesterday . The clashes occurred after Morsi supporters tried to block streets to call for the release of Morsi .